Two thematic areas were declared for this challenge. The teams had to decide on one of the use cases in order to develop suitable solutions. The challenges were developed together with well-known industrial partners. Of course, the focus on the Siemens development environment with Industrial Edge and Mindsphere was an important point in the challenge.
Cloud Item has won a Special Award at this year’s “Gründerpreis Ingolstadt”. Even a “non-tekkie” will quickly understand the concept of the “digitalisation construction kit” and can implement it in his business cases.
In the week before Easter the hackathon “sprint4local” took place as a corona challenge. The Cloud Item Team faced this challenge. Our idea: In order for people and companies to come together in the Corona period, companies have to present their products online. Our developed solution on “” helps companies to get their products online quickly. We also reached the final selection of more than 2,000 submissions at the EUvsVirus Hackathon.
We have implemented the demonstration of two practical customer solutions for the fair: On the one hand, there is the “Smart Waste” concept in the context of the digital city. Green spaces and parks are a real basis for our digital twin. On the other hand, we have simulated a production charge for data such as origin, food certificates, delivery information and proof of authenticity in a digital twin.
What will Cloud Item show at the Munich Startup Demo Night? We are particularly fascinated by the opportunities and challenges of the digital city. From a current project for a customer, we will show a partial solution under the theme “smart waste”. We also have our solution for plagiarism protection for merchandise and semi-finished products at our stand. As another practical solution, we are showing an implementation for the logistics segment. It involves combining product or delivery information within a digital twin.
Last week the “Digital Summit” 2019 took place in Dortmund. Andreas was on site for Cloud Item. The event is based on the exciting mix of politics and business, but also on the input of many start-ups and SMEs. This time we were mainly focused on the announced focus topic “digital platforms” and the plans for the cloud network Gaia-X.
Josef Postel and Andreas Neumair visited Bielefeld on 14.2.2019 to get the latest information from “Hinterland of Things”. Our initiative to create a new platform and a digitization standard was very well received.
From 2.3.2019 to 3.3.2019 a premiere will take place in the Zenith-Halle in Munich at the Make Munich. For the first time Cloud Item will present its new digitization platform.