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On this solution database we show what is technologically and professionally possible with our digitization toolkit.
You can see the exact use of the tools. We have received these application scenarios from our customers.

Elements required for this can be directly assembled via a configurator.

Challenge / Problem

Case1 - Do I have all my tools in my toolbox after I have finished working?

Case2 - I see a tool and cannot assign it directly Whose is it?

Solution with the Cloud Item Digitization Toolkit

To enable the two use cases for the tool, it must be marked. A combination of RFID tag and optical QR code is used.

The toolbox requires the RFID reader as the only additional feature. This can be removed from the toolbox and placed inside the top cover, for example. The digital twin of Cloud Item receives a trigger via the RFID reader. This signals the presence of the tool. The scanning process is triggered manually. The custom reader app in the smartphone is used for this.

The RFID reader scans all tags in the toolbox and signals them to the digital twin. There the inventory is stored. Missing tools are marked "red" in the inventory list, existing tools "green". In case 1, the tool is placed in the toolbox after work is completed. The worker opens the Scan App and starts the inspection process. At the same time the scan data is sent to the digital twin for the tool box. There the completeness of the toolbox is checked.

In case 2 "someone" finds a marked tool. He takes his smartphone and scans the QR code. The corresponding digital twin notifies him about the owner and provides relevant contact information.

Configure this solution for your own use

"CI Twin XS" (100 VDN codes and max. 100 digital twins)

100 RFID tags (UHF label tags or hard tags)

Challenge / Problem

Cleaning schedules in companies or e.g. on public toilets are usually unhygienic and can hardly be evaluated. A sustainable documentation is therefore difficult to achieve.

Proof of the cleaning of the performers is submitted to the contracting partner in the form of weekly / monthly reports. If the client wishes to inspect data regarding the cleaning documentation in the meantime, this is usually difficult to do. 

Hygiene products such as soap or the status of the respective towels can only be checked during cleaning itself. 

If there is also acute contamination, a message is missing. 

Solution with the Cloud Item Digitization Toolkit

On the door to the cleaning area there is a clearly visible sticker with a QR code. This QR code leads to the digital twin for this cleaning area.

With a few clicks, the cleaning staff enters cleaning activities in the Digital Twin with checkboxes and selection fields into a calendar with a time stamp. This makes it possible to assign cleaning staff to the work they have done, including a time stamp. 

All cleaning cycles are made available in real time via the digital twin. This is available both as a report and as a detailed view for the contractor and the responsible service operator.

Messages from visitors or users of the respective areas can be sent to the digital twin via the QR code and smartphone. Checklist elements can be used to report extreme contamination. The same applies to any missing hygiene products. It is also possible to insert pictures via the smartphone camera, which explain a status to be reported in more detail. 

Advantages of this solution:

  • Real-time documentation of the cleaned areas.
  • Digital processing of the work of the service operators, especially for the duty of proof to control officials.
  • Increase of cleanliness through a proactive reporting system on a user basis.
  • More cost-efficient quantity management of the hygiene agents. 

The solution combines financial savings through a better overview and the associated control of the hygiene resources. In addition, there is an improved service provider management of the contracted cleaning companies.


Diese Lösung zur eigenen Nutzung konfigurieren

„CI Twin XS“ (100 VDN-Codes und max. 100 digitale Zwillinge)

100 QR-Code-Labels (laminierte Folien-Aufkleber für Eignung in Feuchträumen)