Last week the “Digital Summit” 2019 took place in Dortmund. Andreas was on site for Cloud Item. The event lives from the exciting mixture of politics and economy, but also from the input of many start-ups and SMEs. This time we were mainly focused on the announced focus topic “digital platforms” and the plans for the cloud network Gaia-X.

Especially for us as a provider of a SaaS platform, we see a growing importance of B2B platforms from the area of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Many of our customers and partners know that our products are part of the strategic solutions for a digital industry.
For us, the “Digital City” data platforms are an important starting point. To address this issue, we participated in exciting sessions and discussion groups, where there was a lively technical exchange. Especially the issues of data autonomy and data security were controversially discussed.

Especially important for our company at the event was the state of planning and the opportunities for the planned cloud network Gaia-X. This network will enable European companies to develop new digital business models. The planned speed at which the network is to start is enormous. Initial tests of this ambitious concept are already in the pipeline for next year. Soon after these initial tests, the network will go live with the first providers and users. We would also like to see the planned foundation of a European cooperative. The networking of large industrial groups, SMEs and start-ups fits in well with our strategic portfolio.

All in all, this was a successful event. The two days were filled with the discussion of opinions, experiences and ideas on digitisation. But networking also had its place. So it was a great event.