Siemens is making intensive efforts to cooperate with startups. This is shown by the fact that a IIOT Challenge for start-ups has been started in this context. In addition to Siemens itself, BayStartup was also part of the organisation of the event. Two use cases were defined. The teams had to decide on one of the use cases in order to develop fitting solutions. The challenges were developed together with well-known industry partners. Of course, the focus on the Siemens development landscape with Industrial Edge and Mindsphere was an important element of the challenge. To meet the concept of a challenge, some pressure had to be built up. In this context it was the time factor, because the teams only had 48 hours from the starting signal to the outlined solution. 

The Use Cases

From cow to milk - recording relevant quality data of milk by using a digital twin.

This Use Case was very close to real processes in agriculture and production.

Crystal ball was yesterday - Predicting product quality to reduce test efforts.

The second Use Case was more abstract.

If you read something about digital twins in the announcement, you can quickly imagine what we decided on. 

In addition to a short description in 3 sentences, no further information was available to the teams in advance. So it really became a real challenge for everyone. The kick-off was the start of a very well organized cooperation, where the teams could interact in various channels with technical or professional specialists about the declared topics and the technological specifications.

Maybe it’s because of Cloud Item’s products or our technological closeness to IIOT, we found it very easy to adapt our digital information twins to the “digital milk”. The developed solution around the Use Case was quickly ready for implementation. So there was still the pitch left, where the main solution could be presented digitally in a few minutes. Andreas mastered this with the well-known mastery.

Now finally the result:

Yes! We won this challenge. Congratulations to the team!
As the winner we will get our own slot on the “SPS Connect”. In this context a professional short video was also created. What may be even more important is the contact to many new professional and technical stakeholders in the IOT and industry environment.

Last but not least - an important insight:

The challenge for us was also a “proof of concept”. How fast can a company use our technology for its own digital processes? What is the cost-benefit rate? How can our technology be integrated into other system worlds without having to purchase a new system?
We passed this “Proof of Concept”!